Unique Features and Advantages

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This business has been in existence for just over one year and in that space of time we have been able to secure a port folio of 30 contacted clients, 10 of which resulted in closures and 5 in the process and 15 pending. There have also been numerous amounts of rental agreements and other consultation services which have been rendered. Even though the business is very young, and still in the development stage, it has been experiencing a measure of consistent growth.

The reasons for, and the notable features that would have given us the competitive edge and advantage over other realtors are the number of years experience in the financial sector, also the network that we have developed over a period of time. This is the reason we are able to offer all the services that we do and meet the needs of our customers for such a reasonable cost. We use every resource at our disposal to simplify the process of purchasing and owning property, for and on behalf of our clientele.

We also assist with financing and document preparation, because we are aware of the fact that lots of people may be able to afford a purchase, but may not have the ability to do the required paper work, especially in the cases of business

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