Marketing Strategy and Market Survey

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When the USA, England, Europe and by extension the majority of the world was experiencing a financial collapse, which was evident by the amount of fore closures on private and domestic properties across America, and purchases were at a all time low, we in Trinidad and Tobago experienced an increase in the cost of property and unlike the rest of the world, demand for living and event business accommodations consistently rose. In fact according to a needs analysis done by the previous administration the need for these facilities greatly outweigh the supply.

This leaves a huge imbalance in the real estate market because as we all know business is about supply and demand, so in a case where the demand greatly exceeds the supply, price increase is inevitable. This equation alone can justify the need and also the sustainability of our companies’ existence. Any which way the pendulum swings would benefit us and we would explain the different scenarios, and their outcomes.

(1) If the situation stays as is and the demand keeps exceeding the supply then you would always get top dollar and charge higher fees
(2) If the industry starts folding that means there would be more available properties on the market at cheaper prices which would allow us to do more business at lower fees.

The approach we are willing to adopt with respect to our marketing is simple, because of the fact that we already have a port folio, our solid background in insurance and our years in the financial field, puts us in direct contact with potential clients every day.

We would also utilize all the conveniences of modern technology such as, the internet which have various sites, there are your social sites and then you have the ever popular email. These save people the hassle of having to run up and down to see different properties. There is also the ever reliant newspaper, which is a tried and tested medium for this type of business. We are of the opinion that our most effective marketing would come from business referrals, yes WORD OF MOUTH.

When your business is about providing a service or selling something intangible, you are not judged by the quality of the product, but by the service rendered. So if we could supply clients with quality products, a process made simple, reasonably priced and exceptional service, I would say that qualifies as something worth telling a friend. The point is our marketing success would be a direct result of the quality of our service, because everyone is aware of the cost involved in purchasing property, so it comes down to getting maximum service for you dollar.

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