Development Plan

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As we chart the course forward we want to be extremely careful not to lose the momentum that we have gathered over the last year. The business is at the stage where the decisions today could seriously affect our tomorrow, either in a good or a bad way. That is why we believe now is the time to make a calculated investment in the business to ensure its functionality. This is in an attempt to move away from the home base business to a more main stream operation.

Our goals are simple, to have a professional image to go with our professional service, in an environment which is equipped with all the amenities to allow us to carry out the functions of the company in a timely and reliable manner. The industry has become a very dynamic one even during the recent global financial melt down that has crippled so many economies across the world, and left the real estate industry in ruins. If we are able to experience minimal growth during this uncertain economic period and continue to be self sustainable, once the financial climate changes we would be in a very favorable position.

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